Growing with you

VIGA is a family office focused on investing in companies that need growth capital. We are not the investor for your exit, we are the investor who invests in your idea or in your company, that helps you with the management and with the necessary capital to grow to either remain with you in the long term run of the company or to look for an exit when we created significant value together that we can monetize.


We invest alone or co-invest with partners who have experience working with us depending on the size of the investment and the risk that we want to take at every point in time.

We also invest in companies directly created by us. On doing that we focus on Real Estate, renewable energy developments, education and solutions for seniors retreat.


We understand that there is a moment in the career of certain talented professionals when the way to grow the most professionally is to lead their own company and we want to be able to help them. If they are working in sectors that we consider have a significant impact on society and if we are a good fit from an ethical point of view and business style we would love to have the opportunity to work with you.

We consider essential to have a good time while we are working, therefore fitting in the personal level is key for us when we decide on an investment. Help people who deserve it, who fit with us and who need help to grow is what we want to do and how we want to contribute to society.


We intend to generate the greatest possible impact on society within our modest capacity, growing together with talented professionals who need help to grow their idea or to start it up.

What we bring

Capital, assistance in management and international experience. We have a wide network of contacts with whom we have worked already, mainly in North America, Asia and Europe.

We help you to create the appropriate capital structure for your company, strategize and execute a business plan together and seek for the best possible exit at the right time.